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Scottish daily papers all say 'no' or stay neutral on independence as readers go to the polls

No Scottish daily newspaper (either home-grown or tartanised UK national) has backed a yes vote in today's independence referendum for the country.

Most of the UK national newspapers back a 'no' vote while most Scottish dailies have stayed neutral saying it is up the readers to follow their own consciences.

The Scottish Sun is the best selling newspaper in Scotland and its owner had hinted at support for independence on Twitter.

But today's English edition carried the front page "BETTER TOGETHER," on a story suggested Prince Harry may be reuniting with Cressida Bonas.

The paper's editorial, in the middle of a three-page referendum special, said "we hope" Scots vote no.

The Scottish edition of the paper marked the referendum day with a blank page, saying: "Yes or no. Today Scotland starts with a blank page".

Sun front pages today: Main edition, left, and Scottish edition, right

Its editorial said it had "faith" in its readers to make the right choice.

The Scottish Sun will still be here doing what it always does – looking after the interests of our readers and promoting our principles.

"But what we cannot do is tell you how we think you should vote.

"This is not a Scottish election or a general election where we can change things every four or five years.

"Tomorrow’s vote is forever.

"A decision so big that each individual has to weigh up the consequences and make up their own mind.

"We believe in the people of Scotland to make the right decision.

"Whichever way you choose, The Scottish Sun will continue to fight for you and our Scottish principles."

The Herald in Scotland, which has previously said it backs "staying within UK, but only if there's a more far-reaching further devolution", has a front page featuring the headline: "Scotland's day of reckoning". An advert at the bottom of the page for executive real estate says: "NO hassle when you purchase a new property with the 10 year NHBC guarantee". It does not express a firm opinion either way in its coverage today.

The Scotsman has already backed the No campaign with a 2,000-word editorial. And the Daily Record has not given a decision either way.

Front pages: The Herald and Financial Times, which has previously back the No campaign

The Scottish Daily Express, meanwhile, said in an editorial: “We back No vote because only together can we build a better future.”

The Daily Mirror's front page today says: "Don't leave us this way: A simple message to Scotland: Don't let the sun set on our 307 years together. Vote No today & keep Britain truly GREAT".

Daily Mirror and Daily Express (Scottish edition pictured) have backed the No campaign

The Times today features a wrap-around cover (below) saying "D-Day for the Union". In its editorial, it says: “[W]e urge Scots of all persuasion to vote “no” to independence – and to do so with great national pride.”

The Guardian also underlined its view that Scotland should not vote for independence, saying “if this newspaper had a vote, we would vote no”.

The Guardian and Daily Telegraph have both given backing to the No vote

The Independent, in its editorial, agreed that “our country is not just better together, but in every sense bigger too”.

“[T]ogether we have been stronger, more prosperous and more secure; apart we would both be diminished. More than that, we would sever the ties that bind us,” said today’s Daily Telegraph editorial.

“[A]s David Cameron said in Aberdeen this week, the Scots should not take such an irrevocable step just because they are disenchanted with political leaders who may not be around for long.”

The Independent says "better together". Right is The Times Scottish edition

The Financial Times has already given its backing to the No vote.

The Daily Mail used the news that Britain’s unemployment figures are falling to back the No vote. It accused SNP leader Alex Salmond of living in a “fantasy world” and said: “Together, we plunged into this crisis. Together, we are pulling out of it, with the fastest growth in the developed world. Does Scotland seriously want to cut itself off from this remarkable success story?”

The UK edition of the Daily Express editorial declared today: “It is in Scotland’s interest to stay in Great Britain.” 

The Sun in England today said: “If today they vote to go it alone after 307 years it will be because they heard all the warnings and decided: “What the hell.” We hope they don’t.”

Scottish daily newspapers

Title Circulation Preference
The Scottish Sun  246,066 Neutral
Daily Record  203,941 Neutral
Daily Mail  93,321 No
Aberdeen Press and Journal  62,177 Neutral
Dundee Courier  48,955 Neutral
Daily Express  48,636 No
Daily Star  41,799 Neutral
The Herald  37,728 Neutral
Abderdeen Evening Express  34,894 Neutral
Glasgow Evening Times  33,397 Neutral
The Scotsman  27,208 No
Edinburgh Evening News  25,908 Neutral
The Times  20,420 No
Dundee Evening Telegraph  19,766 Neutral
i  18,712 Neutral
The Daily Telegraph  18,599 No
Daily Mirror  18,079 No
The Guardian  10,623 No
Paisley Daily Express  6,477 Neutral
The Independent  2,990 No
Financial Times  2,312 No




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