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Role of Burmese media and censorship - links

One blogger writes that the Burma media has accused the army and Police of raiding their offices in Rangoon. While the government has threatened newspapers that refuse to print propaganda with closure, some have refused and the Burma media association will form a body to document the military crackdown.

Another writes about the impact of the government crackdown on the internet here.

Useful round-up of Burmese blogs and how the world’s media made use of the information from mobile phones and blogs on Clicked.

Democratic voice of Burma on how Kumudra, Seven Days and Pyi Myanmar and other news journals suspended publication rather than publish government statements.

The Burma Media Association is claimed to have said the Burmese junta’s director of the Press Scrutiny and Registration Division, Major Tint Swe, instructed all Burmese print media last Sunday to publish a declaration stating they were not interested in the ongoing protest.



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