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Roasted Ramsay not on the menu for Jane Moore

Tabloid allegations that Gordon Ramsay conducted a seven-year secret affair with a so-called ‘professional mistress’should provide tasty material for Fleet Street’s unforgiving women columnists (aka the Glenda Slaggs).

But one fears The Sun’s Jane Moore will not be among those giving the potty-mouthed celebrity chef a good kicking.

As Monday’s Daily Mail reminds us, Ramsay’s spokesman is Gary Farrow, head of The Corporation PR agency, which specialises in crisis management. He is also husband of Jane Moore.

Two years ago, when interviewed by The Guardian’s James Silver, she was asked if this meant she would go easy on his clients in her column.

She replied: ‘Yes, I think you are probably right. I would hold my hand up to that. But then again what I won’t do is praise them… It would be very awkward for me to write something dreadful about one of my husband’s clients. What kind of wife would I be if I went around doing things like that?”

And what kind of journalist, Jane?



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