Rebekah Brooks speaks out for first time since hacking trial to show support for journalists still facing trial - Press Gazette

Rebekah Brooks speaks out for first time since hacking trial to show support for journalists still facing trial

Rebekah Brooks has said her thoughts are with her former colleagues awaiting trial, speaking out for the first time since the conclusion of the hacking trial.

Brooks, cleared of all charges against her, spoke out from her front door in central London alongside her husband, Charlie Brooks.

She said: “We haven’t got much to add that we said two years ago. I mean, of course the last two years have been tough for both of us, and for those closest to us. And more importantly they’ve been tough for everybody on all sides that have been affected by the issues highlighted by this case.

“Therefore throughout the three-year police investigation and through our eight-month trial at the Old Bailey we’ve always tried to keep our troubles in perspective.

“I mean after all, you know, we have a happy, healthy daughter, we have our brave and resolute mums who’ve been in court most of the time, and we’ve had strong and unwavering support from all our friends, our family and from our legal teams that have believed in us from the beginning.

“I am innocent of the crimes that I was charged with and I feel vindicated by the unanimous verdict.”

Surrounded by a swarm of media on her doorstep, Mrs Brooks did not answer questions about Andy Coulson, Prime Minister David Cameron and criminality within News International.

“When I was arrested it was in the middle of a maelstrom of controversy, of politics and of comment. Some of that was fair, but much of it was not so I’m grateful for the jury. I’m very grateful for the jury for coming to their decision,” she said.

“I think I’d like to say it’s been a time of reflection for me. I’ve learned some valuable lessons and hopefully I’m the wiser for it.”

Mrs Brooks added: “I think that said I’m incredibly proud of the many journalists I’ve worked with throughout my career and the great campaigns that we’ve fought and won…

“All I can say to you all is that today my thoughts are with my former colleagues and their families who face future trials. I’m going to do everything I can to support them, as I know how anxious the times ahead are.”

Charlie Brooks, also cleared after the trial, said he and his wife had been through “two years of hell”.



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