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Readers snap up weekly's Olympics torch splash

Special editions of last week’s North Devon Journal marking the arrival of the Olympic torch have reportedly sold-out in local agents and supermarkets.

The paper produced four wrap-around shots of the torch passing through local towns on its front pages, the first time it has published edition-specific wraps.

The Journal’s Chloe Hubbard, the former senior reporter who became editor in March, said: ‘We planned in advance where the photographers would be to ensure we had the perfect shot for each wrap.

‘Inside each edition we had coverage from reporters on the ground in each town/village the flame passed through – we all mucked in, making sure every avenue was covered.

‘The Ilfracombe edition shows the very moment Jonathan Edwards bursts into tears as he runs past his childhood home.

‘We’ve billed it around the towns as ‘Don’t Miss Our Olympic Torch Collectors’ Edition’ – I’m hoping we’ll sell a load.”

While it will be a few days until publisher Northcliffe receives official sales figures, early indications show the paper sold out in several newsagents on Thursday and in most of the major supermarkets by Saturday, according to Hubbard.