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Publish your own scoop, says Murnaghan

Sky News (and Eggheads! Woo!) presenter Dermot Murnaghan writes in the Media Guardian about how it’s different — easier? — to break into journalism with all the new oppurtunities at hand:

Sure, the demands of the new forms of delivery put more pressures on journalists. But they also offer more opportunities. Look at my own feeble efforts to break into print 25 years ago – relying on a time-pressured Alan Rusbridger to take my call. There was nowhere else to publish my “scoop” (whatever it was). Now there’s nothing to prevent you breaking your story online yourself, whether it’s print or video. But to break through, those journalistic rules will always apply: the story has to be good, and well told. No one’s going to take your blog seriously if it’s a tissue of unsourced, irrelevant witterings.

What do you think?

(On a side point: is anyone else dying under a big dissertation-sized pile? It seems hard to write academically when you spend all your life writing as a reporter. Grrr.)



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