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'Postergate' hits Portugese holiday resort

Maddie posters

It’s a foolish man who gets on the wrong side of Sun editrix Rebekah Wade.

So, Axegrinder is fascinated to hear of the brazen antics of one chap out in Portugal, where a huge media pack has been sent to cover the case of missing girl Madeleine McCann.

The intrigue started after The Sun’s stablemate, the News of the World, offered a reward for information leading to the conviction of her abductors.

According to one source, an unknown vandal was spotted in the resort pulling down Sun posters of the girl and replacing them with the NoW’s reward posters. According to my sangria-swigging spy, the ruse was rumbled by Sky News’s Kay Burley.

Despite the chortling of the hacks covering the story, Axegrinder is sure it must all be the result of an innocent misunderstanding.
Another source tells me that it was, in fact, a Portuguese police officer who took down a damaged Find Maddie poster put up by The Sun ‒ prompting Burley to become irate.

She reportedly confronted the News of the World team putting up their £1.5million reward posters nearby, demanding an explanation.

“I don’t think Rebekah Wade will be very happy with you,” she exclaimed, the source says.

Apparently within seconds, Kay was on the phone to someone she referred to as “Darling” saying a complaint should be made immediately. Presumably the “Darling” in question would have been her husband, Sun political editor George Pascoe-Watson.