PG survey: UK public says print is best for comment

Despite the growth of the ‘blogosphere’, more Britons like to read comment in print than in any other medium, according to an exclusive survey carried out for Press Gazette.

Press Gazette commissioned iCD Research to ask 1,000 members of the public where they like to read or view comment, analysis and opinion journalism.

Some 38.1 per cent said in print; 28.4 per cent said online, 18.1 per cent said TV and 15.4 per cent said they do not read comment and analysis/opinion journalism.

We also asked the public, and 33 senior journalists involved in the field of comment, to name their favourite journalists or bloggers when it comes to opinion.

Only one out and out blogger made the list – Stephen Fry – who came it at 43 in our comment top 50, thanks to his popularity with the public.

Nearly every other comment writer in the top 50 list, published in this month’s edition of Press Gazette magazine, works in the national press.

Two broadcasters made the top 50: Robert Peston at 25 and Nick Robinson at 49, both of the BBC.

When iCD asked the weighted sample of 1,000 members of the public to name the broadcast outlet, print publication or website they most rate when it comes to comment, analysis and opinion – the BBC dominated the top ten.

The public’s favourites were:

1. BBC TV news

2. BBC news online

3. BBC radio

4. The Daily Mail

5. ITV News

6. Sky News

7. The Sun

8. The Guardian

9. The Times

10. The Daily Telegraph

To read the full findings of Press Gazette’s research, and the comment top 50 based on the public survey and interviews with journalists, see the current edition of Press Gazette.

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