'Paxo's gone' - Jon Snow sings swan song for Jeremy Paxman at the end of 25-year Newsnight era

Jeremy Paxman signed off after 25 years on Newsnight last night with a weird bike ride around London on the back of a tandem with Boris Johnson.

There was also a two-second interview with Michael Howard which paid homage to his most famous Newsnight moment:

'And did you Michael Howard?'

No – but feel free to ask another 11 times'

And an in-joke at the end which saw him reading the weather.

Thankfully, Jon Snow was on hand to give Paxo a proper send off, when he arrived at the BBC to interview him for Channel 4 News.

Apparently Paxo wanted to step down with the minimum of fuss, leaving it to Channel 4 News to pay proper tribute to a "titan" of broadcasting:

Paxman signed off for the last time saying: "I'll just say thank you for watching Newsnight. I hope you continue to enjoy it. Goodnight and goodbye."

The closing credits were accompanied by the The New Seekers' 'I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing' after which Paxman appeared in front of a large map of the country with the final words: "And tomorrow's weather – more of the same. I don't know why they make such a fuss about it."

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