Paparazzi in honourable intentions shocker?

The paparazzi photographer in California who made the 911 call which subsequently resulted in the arrest of actress Heather Locklear for allegedly driving erratically has made almost £15,000 from the photos of her arrest.

Nicholas Tepper, the attorney for snapper Jill Ishkanian, said that her phonecall to the police was driven by ‘civic duty’and a concern for the actress’s safety, and said she was within her rights to then photograph the arrest.

Tepper claimed that Ishkanian took all the photos after making the call to the police, and ‘just happened to run into her acting erratically at a market”.

Harvey Levin, head of TMZ – the gossip site that bought the pictures – has questioned the sequence of the photos, and said some appear to be taken well before Locklear’s arrest. The website is also questioning the fact that no other witnesses saw Locklear driving erratically.

Ishkanian sold the photos through a third party, as she is currently in the middle of a £30 million lawsuit with her former employers US Weekly, claiming that the magazine damaged her career by accusing her of stealing information from company computers.

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