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Panorama to air special on Alan Johnston

BBC reporter Alan Johnston is to tell the story of his kidnap ordeal in a Panorama special.

Johnston spent 114 days in captivity after being abducted at gunpoint by militants in Gaza City earlier this year.

He will give his first in-depth account in an interview with Jeremy Vine for an hour-long Panorama special on October 25.

The programme will also feature interviews with those involved in the efforts to free him.

It will include new filming in the Middle East, the US and the UK.

But Johnston will not return to Gaza for the programme.

He said after his release in July: “I think three years of Gaza as a correspondent followed by four months of kidnap in Gaza is probably more Gaza than most people need in their lives and I do not think I will be going back for some time.”

Johnston will also present a special edition of Radio 4’s From Our Own Correspondent, also on October 25.