Office furniture: a new reward for loyal staff

Simon Davis, the Evening Standard features editor who also doubles up as the paper’s travel editor, is soon to leave Derry Street.

Although one source said that it has been an amicable parting of the ways, another said that his negotiating of a four-day week is said to have privately infuriated editor Veronica Wadley.

“No one has a four-day week at the Standard,” says my mole.

Davis, one-time Los Angeles correspondent for The Daily Telegraph ‒ he was fired by then editor Charles Moore ‒ is not likely to be without work for too long, I imagine.

Meanwhile, there’s a new sense of optimism among those who aren’t leaving the ES ‒ they’re all being issued with spanking new desks. It just goes to show that Associated does have loadsadosh in its coffers, whatever the bean-counters may say.

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