Ofcom investigating Good Morning Britain over European election coverage

Ofcom investigating Good Morning Britain over European election coverage

Good Morning Britain Ofcom

Ofcom is investigating whether Good Morning Britain, the ITV breakfast show hosted by Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, broke its election rules ahead of last month’s European Parliament vote.

The broadcast regulator is reviewing two GMB shows that aired at the end of April this year. Both broadcasts did not include a full list of candidates for European elections in the South West, according to Ofcom.

Ofcom said the English Democrats candidate and two independent candidates were omitted from the 26 April and 30 April shows.

The regulator announced today that it had opened the probe. An Ofcom spokesperson said: “We’re investigating whether two editions of this programme broke our election rules.”

ITV said it would not comment as the investigation was active.

Good Morning Britain is being investigated under Rule 6.12 of its the Ofcom broadcast code. The rule requires all parties with a candidate in a regional election to be listed and for every independent candidate to be named.

Ofcom revealed at the end of last year that Good Morning Britain was the seventh most complained about show of 2018. It received a total of 548 complaints compared to the 4,251 leveled against Sky News.

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2 thoughts on “Ofcom investigating Good Morning Britain over European election coverage”

  1. Local papers lost their traditional audiences due to ever free falling copy sales driving advertisers away and into other more specific global and hyper local competitors.
    The complacency from the established groups that local advertisers had ‘nowhere else to go’ left them high and dry when new media publishers and social media competition came along and offered a more relevant audience which delivers results at a fair price which the business/ advertiser could see for themselves and so voted with their feet and walked away from the ailing bigger groups, and no amount of PR by the big publishers clubbing together in a desperate attempt at clawing back audiences is likely to reverse the situation.

    New community publishers are thriving across the uk by delivering audiences and response to local businesses and giving advertisers more bang for their buck, this latest initiative is a little too little, a little too late.

  2. What is the point of “Ofcom”?
    Of the literally millions of items of lies being aired every year by the collection of outlets that Ofcom should “regulate”, this “news” item
    does not contain any substantive reflection of “Ofcom” being even aware of its duties on the lies… breaches…. inventions…
    “Ofcom” is an obsolete, dead outfit which is a pretext for the robbery of
    public money to enrich personnel who are engaged in criminal denial pd duties to Society.
    The same condemnation applies to the Electoral Commission and to
    the mis-named “regulators” one the other asp[ects of Society, Parliament and Govt Departments, Executive Agencies, local “elected” councils etc in Britain.
    There is no real regulation;
    The stratospherically over-hyped “Royal Courts” of Justice are not delivering justice;
    Access to the Courts is a fantasy;
    Legal Aid is not aid to the persons whose rights are violated but into the pockets of licensed law traders….

    Written and posted at 1125 GMT Tuesday 11 June 2019

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