Not just a nose for news

Things are evidently looking up in the low-paid world of regional newspapers. Traces of cocaine have been found in the toilets of the Manchester Evening News.

An MEN investigation revealed cocaine use to be rife across the city. Reporters used testing kits to check for the drug at a variety of locations and found evidence that it was being used in the police HQ, hospitals and in Manchester crown court.

But a “random sweep” was also done of the toilets in the MEN building. And, according to the paper: “This too produced a positive test.”

In a leader, the Guardian Media Group-owned newspaper said: “It would have been disingenuous for the investigation not to include the offices of the Manchester Evening News itself, and the fact that traces of cocaine were found there too is indicative of the drug’s prevalence.

“Our offices are like any other in Greater Manchester and serve as a snapshot of everyday life.”

Though perhaps the real story is that, of eight city centre bars and hotels tested by the MEN, only one, Panacea, revealed traces of the drug. What is Madchester coming to?

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