Norman conquest - Press Gazette

The Sun’s Jon Gaunt has handed out a fearful shoeing to his bête noire, Matthew Norman of The Independent.

Norman, who has been prodding ‘Gaunty’ with a stick for several months now, finally over-stepped the mark by coming out against the red-top pursuit of Gary Glitter, arguing that “however repugnant the offence, once released from prison the offender is entitled to live in peace in this country, without newspapers and radio phone-ins encouraging their audiences to garrote or ignite him.”

This proved too much for Gaunt, who laced up the Doc Martins and got swiftly stuck in.

“Save the sympathy, you deluded fool,” he writes. “Norman the nonce’s mate says Glitter needs psychiatric help to cure him. No, Misguided Matthew, he needs the noose.

“Norman admits that as a nine-year-old child he met Glitter, who sang a song for him and his mate as he sat at the end of their bed.

“How sweet!

“But imagine if you were a seven-year-old Vietnamese girl and instead of singing, Glitter was sliding under the covers with you.

“Would you still want to be a part of his gang then?”

One-nil to the red-tops, I think.





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