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NMA puts magazine news behind paywall

Online marketing and media magazine New Media Age has extend its paywall to cover all online content except for opinion pieces and breaking news.

Under its previous system the Centaur Media publication charged a £99 annual subscription for access to all content on its website with the exception of all its breaking and magazine news stories and option pieces.

Under the new system breaking news will be available for free for seven days while news and analysis featured in the NMA print magazine will go behind the paywall.

All comment articles from NMA will remain free online.

Editor Justin Pearse said: “Like all other publishers, we’re experimenting with paid-for models online.

“While previously lead stories from the magazine were accessible for free, we’re confident this content, together with the analysis our site provides to the industry, is worth paying for.”

The move is part of the title’s phased strategy to introduce a range of premium content and services to add value to bundled subscriptions.

Online business to business publishers are increasingly shifting to a paid content model online. Emap announced earlier this week it would convert all its websites from free to pay-for in the next few weeks