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Newsreader Steve Scott sues Mail over 'racism' claims

ITV newsreader Steve Scott has launched a legal action against Associated Newspapers over a Daily Mail story which he claims portrayed him as a racist.

Scott is seeking aggravated damages over a story headed “Sir Trevor, the ‘racist’ impression and a £5m ITV lawsuit” which appeared in the Daily Mail in November.

According to a writ filed at the High Court, Scott says the story gave the impression that he was a racist.

Scott, who presents ITV News and West Country Tonight, argues that his reputation has been gravely damaged and that he suffered severe hurt, embarrassment and distress as a result of the story.

According to the writ, the newsreader believes the allegation is “seriously offensive and inflammatory” and risked calling his career into doubt.

There has, he says, already been a lengthy and wide ranging ITV investigation into the claim at the centre of the story, which he said had vindicated him.

Scott has instructed law firm Olswang and is seeking an injunction banning repetition of the allegations which, according to the High Court writ, were repeated online and elsewhere in print.

The writ also claims a second story in the Mail on Sunday, in January, repeated the allegations.