New York Times plagiarist Jayson Blair becomes life coach


Jayson Blair, the disgraced former New York Times writer who resigned after plagiarising and fabricating a series of articles, has become a life coach.

Working at a mental health practice in Ashburn, Virginia for the past two years, he deals with clients who are suffering from everything from bipolar disorders to anxiety.

He also offers career mentoring for individuals at any stage during or after high school, including advice for employers on handling staff who are having difficulties.

Blair’s website, which features animated floating clouds and stock imagery of happy people, is notable for the absence of any mention of his controversial history at the New York Times.

However, it does mention that he has “struggled with moods, anxiety, substance abuse, career issues and many of the other areas where I coach”.

The New York Times chose to cover this story by syndicating an Associated Press article.

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