New store causes a stink at Associated

All the chattering classes in and around Sloane Square have been talking about “absolutely” nothing else in recent weeks since the Whole Foods Market store opened on Kensington High Street, just beneath the headquarters of Associated Newspapers.

“Oh dahling, it’s just sooopah!” is the cry on Square these days.

But for those who work at Associated, just above, life isn’t as grand or comfortable. A memo has gone round to staff complaining that the “odour of food is penetrating our offices in certain areas and the likely reason for this is that the Wholefoods kitchen extract duct is situated in the vicinity of our air intake ducts on the roof and the odours seem to be getting sucked into our air-conditioning system through this duct.”

So what can the poor hapless people who have to work with this odour do? Nothing just yet, as they’ve been told to sit back and be patient.

Staff are advised: “The filtration system is currently being improved and this should resolve the problem, but in the meantime I would ask you to please bear with us until the matter is resolved.”

We hope to let readers know when this is!

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