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New business website to launch in London

A new business website for London that promises to “quickly demonstrate the shortcomings’of business reporting in the capital is being launched later this year. goes live in September and is the brainchild of Centaur Media founder Graham Sherren and Caspian Media founder Mike Bokaie.

The editorial team will be lead by editorial director Dan Matthews, a former online publisher at Caspian Publishing and Crimson Business.

Six in-house editorial staff will work with four freelancers – including two editors-at-large – and a number of regular contributors.

The site is owned by Casis Media, the digital media company launched by Sherren and Bokaie earlier this year.

In a release today the company said LondonLovesBusiness would ‘quickly demonstrate the shortcomings in London business reporting offered by rival publishers”.

Casis chief executive Mike Bokaie said: ‘London business makes a huge contribution to the UK and global economy and we will be the first dedicated publication to acknowledge that.

“Our aim is to further the ambitions of London’s businesses, big and small and weed out those who block enterprise.

‘We will celebrate good business and success stories and rally against bureaucracy, mindless law-making and waste.”

Bokaie said the company was eyeing up a series of global launches when LondonLovesBusiness goes live later this year.

‘We are currently looking at other key markets with a view to rolling out the ‘LovesBusiness’ offering,’he said.

‘ There is no doubt that publishers to date have overlooked the opportunity of creating dedicated business editorial titles for the world’s capital cities.”


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