National press ABCs: Indy drops below 200,000

The Independent continued its downward circulation spiral as it fell below 200,000 last month.

All but one national title in the quality market suffered a drop in circulation last month.

Independent News & Media’s Independent recorded a drop of 19.67 per cent year on year circulating an average of 189,013 copies each day in July, according to figures released today by the Audit Bureau of Circulations. The Guardian recorded a year on year circulation fall of 2.71 per cent to an average circulation of 328,773 each week day last month.

News International‘s Times newspaper fell 5.15 per cent year on year in July to an average circulation of 580,483 with Telegraph Media Group’s Daily Telegraph recording an average circulation falling by 4.54 per cent to 818,937.

In April, the Financial Times raised its weekday cover price by 20p to £2 and its Saturday price to £2.50. Last month, it recorded a drop in circulation of 6.13 per cent year on year to a daily average of 397,600.

The Sunday Times was the only quality title to buck the downward trend by increasing its year on year circulation. In July the News International title sold a weekly average of 1,190,936, a rise of 2.74 per cent on July 2008.

At the Independent on Sunday, its average weekly circulation dropped 19.98 per cent year on year to 160,395 in July.

The Sunday Telegraph sold an average of 602,495 copies each week in July, a 2.77 per cent fall on the same month last year.

Along with its sister title the Daily Telegraph, the Sunday Telegraph had nine months of circulation figures restated today by ABC following an inquiry into distribution of their bulks – copies sold for a nominal fee to airlines, rail firms, hotels, gyms and fast food restaurants.

The Financial Times also its circulation figures for the months October to January and also March restated by the ABC as a result of its bulks inquiry.

Guardian News & Media’s Sunday paper, the Observer, dropped below a circulation of 400,000 to sell an average of 398,330 copies each week, down 7.01 per cent year on year. The title has been the centre of speculation in recent weeks after owner GMG admitted its future was under consideration.

GNM announced earlier this week it would axe the sale of bulk copies for the Observer and the Guardian.

Bulks sales of the Independent were 38,498, for the Guardian 9,483, the Times sold 50,270 bulks each day on average, while the FT sold 29,427 and the Daily Telegraph 93,647.

Bulks for the Independent on Sunday stood on average at 35,053 each week. The Observer circulated an average of 12,656 bulks in July. The Sunday Telegraph had bulks averaging 70,354 each week, while the Sunday Times had a bulk sale of 19,711

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