My work experience at the Evening Standard: Tantrums, sick jokes and paranoid conspiracies

Harlow College journalism student Alex Plough decided to tell-it-as-it-is on his blog while still on a work experience placement at the Evening Standard.

He writes: “I have been there for coming up to three weeks now; I’ve seen subs throwing tantrums, laughed at the sick jokes and needle-sharp wit of the news-editors, listened to half-joking paranoid conspiracies and cringed at the oblivious conceit.

“It has also been a momentous time in this particular newsroom….A journalistic giant has lurched forward, punch-drunk and reeling from a vicious combination of jabs. But this veteran brawler is not out yet, it’s gambled everything on a final stand that will end in glory or death. And the hacks are nervous.”

Axegrinder admires his chutzpah but fears his placement may not extend into week four…

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