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Monday Links: Why every j-student should read Flat Earth News

Every Monday I’ll be posting a selection of interesting links related to what we do. If you think I’ve missed anything, feel free to add some in the comments!

[INDEPENDENT] Hard truths for the trade in ‘Flat Earth News’

Amazon are winging my copy to my house as I type (or at least I hope they are). ‘Flat Earth News’ has really got people talking. The author, Nick Davies, delivers a stinging criticism of the modern media, arguing that the pillars of good journalism — accuracy, research, morals — are eroding away. Get it bought! Or, if you’re a bit hard up for coins, you can read extracts from the book in this week’s Press Gazette.

[ANGRYJOURNALIST.COM] I find out shit half an hour after everyone else does – without fail.

This could really take off. Post your angriness to and share your grumps about the industry with the world.

[MINDY MCADAMS] How to shoot video interviews

Mindy is the journalism tutor we all wish we had. If you haven’t ever read her blog, take a trawl through her archives; there is some really great stuff. In this particular, she gives a quick crash course on how to shoot video interviews. The best thing about these tips is that they are extremely easy to remember.

If you’re reading this at 11am today… why not tune your browsers to, where I’ll be co-presenting The Week in News with my friend and coursemate Dan Clough.



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