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Monday Links: Journo job jargon

Good afternoon everyone! Here are some links from the weekend.

[SEAN BLANDA] How to translate journalism job postings

Magazine journalism student Sean Blanda entertains with this post about what phrases like “motivated and willing to go the extra mile for the paper” really mean. I wonder if there are any more we can add to his list.

[TELEGRAPH] Journalism students and Dreamweaver

The Telegraph’s Ian Douglas gives a considered response to my post last week on the use of Dreamweaver in journalism schools.

[BRYAN MURLEY] Carnival of Journalism

Wow… that’s a lot of blogging. Seems we can all work at the weekends when we need to!

And a special mention to the editorial staff at the Northern Star in Illinois, who had the horrible task of reporting on the shootings that claimed the lives of six students and finally the killer himself.



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