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Mirror's 'UKIP Goggles' app backfires turning Ireland into 'Our first colony' in captions

The Mirror offered readers the opportunity to see through the eyes of UKIP supporters with a free web app last week.

The UKIP Goggles extension changes the words Euro, France and Scotland to 'Funny money', 'Frogs' and 'Colony' respectively when web browsing on Google Chrome.

But the publisher's own staff had to be advised on how to delete the app after the IT department realised it was affecting its internal content management system.

An email, seen by Axegrinder, told employees: “All CHP users,

“Please be advised that IF you have installed the 'UKIP Goggles' extension/plugin this will effect the display of captions and metadata in CHP.”

As an example, staff were provided with a picture from a Euro 2016 qualifying match between the Republic of Ireland and Scotland: "Republic of Our first colony's defender Richard Keogh (R) heads the ball clear of Colony's striker Steven Fletcher (2nd R) during the Funny money 2016 Qualifier, Group D football match between Colony and Republic of Our first colony at Celtic Park in Glasgow, Colony on November 14."

They were then provided with a handy guide on how to delete the extension from Google Chrome.

If only other users were provided with the same guidance!

The Chrome Web Store currently has four user comments on the UKIP Goggles page, with a common theme:

"How the hell do you get rid of it?"

"How do i uninstall it???"

"You cannot remove it, it's impossible."



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