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Millions of readers? How uncouth...

You might think the bookworms at publishing house Harper Collins would be pleased to move away from the wilds of Hammersmith and into their plush new Zone 1 home in the shadow of The Shard.

But next year’s relocation plan to the Mini Shard hasn’t gone down well with everyone, Axegrinder hears.

Dreading the prospect of sharing office space with those dreadful oiks from The Sun, some Harper Collins staffers are apparently concocting all sorts of schemes to keep themselves untainted by the tabloid muckrackers.

The most bizarre is an idea to build a separate entrance for authors, so they don’t have to be confronted by The Sun logo staring down at them as they wait in reception.

Apparently the prospect of coming face to face with a publication boasting more than a couple of thousand readers is just too much for these scribblers to stomach.



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