Magazine on autistic children to launch next month - Press Gazette

Magazine on autistic children to launch next month

A new quarterly magazine is set to launch at the end of February for parents of children with autism and those responsible for their care.

The new magazine – called Autism Eye – is the brainchild of married journalists Gillian Loughran and Mark Hayes, who are parents of a child with autism.

Loughran, who will edit the magazine, told Press Gazette that after feeling left in the dark about their son’s condition the couple felt they could help others parents with a magazine about the issues surrounding autism.

‘One in 58 children in the UK have a form of Autism so we felt other parents should be informed about ways to improve their children’s lives through in-depth coverage,’she said.

The magazine will cover all the issues that parents need help with, Loughran said, such as diet and nutrition, biomedical and educational interventions and legal advice.

‘We aim to keep readers informed about the latest research into autism and treatments,’she said.

‘Autism Eye will also seek to inspire you with stories of parents who are making a difference to their child’s life…

‘The magazine is more for the mainstream end of the market. Using our journalistic skills we know how to turn a lot of medical jargon into English.”

Subscription to the magazine costs £20 a year for parents of a child with an autistic spectrum disorder and £30 for organisations that deal with autistic children.

Loughran said they had not yet reached a decision on how many issues of the new magazine would be produced in its first print run, however the couple do not intend to distribute any issues for free.

The magazine, which will be available initially only through subscription, will also have a website.