Magazine editor smuggles marriage proposal into cafe review - Press Gazette

Magazine editor smuggles marriage proposal into cafe review

Now, this is a heart-warming tale.

One editor, Martin Booth, of Bristol 24/7, has proposed in acrostic form in his magazine.

Jo, the lucky lady, has – thankfully – accepted the proposal, which was made in a café review.

Only one question remains. How did he manage to spell out the final part of his request? Here is an extract:

“Menu items for the filling are pork, chicken, halloumi and tofu.

“A satisfyingly veggie-friendly double-decker bus then.

“Ready in just a few minutes, the burritos are almost bursting with their contents.

“Rolled up and tightly packed, the food here has been inspired by the best Mexican street food from its home country and versions of it over the border in the USA.

“Yet bring it to the Bearpit, serve it from a bus and it all becomes so very Bristol.

“Maybe upstairs also has the best peoplewatching potential in the city, rivalling Poco and Cafe Kino just up Stokes Croft.

“Eat your fill in the most unusual new opening in Bristol for some years.”