Love and marriage in a Eurostar carriage


Is all well in the glitzy Hollywood world of our former proprietor and debt-defaulter Piers Morgan?

I ask because in her Daily Telegraph column, his ’squeeze’, Celia Walden, bemoans the impact of marriage on the art of conversation, citing an overheard exchange between a couple on a Eurostar train.

“They used to have signs up on the windows,” Mike announced to his wife. A pause. “They’ve taken them down now.” Seconds later, Mike is giving his armrest a rigorous shake. “Metal,” he concludes. “Thought so.”

There followed a 15-minute debate about the capacity of luggage racks that left me sobbing internally. Is it worth taking the risk of ending up like Mike and Sue – probably conversational virtuosos prior to their wedding day?

That walk down the aisle seems ever more distant …


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