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Loaded editor gets straight to the point

Your circulation is plummeting and your weekly sister title keeps nicking all the Big Brother tartlets for its covershoots.

What’s an editor to do? Get down with the kids and be downright controversial, in the case of Loaded editor Martin Daubney, who has come up with the genius idea of “Loaded’s Straight Pride March”, where straight men can “celebrate our right be heterosexual”.

Happily, there is a video clip of the momentous event in which Daubney asserts that he is by no means homophobic.

In a speech hauntingly reminiscent of Emily off Big Brother’s claim that despite using the “n” word she wasn’t racist because she had lots of black friends, Daubney suggests there are even some gays in the Loaded office.

Gays in IPC? Well, I never.

Straight Pride, Daubney adds, is just about being proud to be heterosexual, because “being heterosexual is undermined and unfashionable these days”.

Perhaps a trip to Russia, draped in a rainbow flag and a “I love blokes” T-shirt might help Daubney on his quest to decipher just how fashionable homosexuality is.