Live debate: Journalism ethics, what should Lord Leveson do?


During two days of seminars in London last month Lord Leveson heard from hackademics, editors, lawyers and bosses – but very few frontline journalists.

Ahead of his inquiry into press ethics and the hacking scandal, Press Gazette wants to find out what the real issues are surrounding journalism ethics from those at the sharp end.

Press Gazette’s hunch is that many journalists come under pressure to break the rules – whether that means invading someone’s privacy, bending the truth under pressure from a news editor anxious to make the facts fit a good story or mentioning advertisers in editorial. We think any new system of self-regulation needs to give solid protection for ordinary journalists who come under these sort of pressures.

But before we make our formal submission to Leveson, we’d like to hear what PG readers think.

Join in this live discussion by using the hashtag #levesondebate on Twitter – your Tweets should then automatically appear in the Coveritlive box below. Or else you can use the normal Disqus commenting system.

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