Legal threat to Tower Hamlets blogger for reporting councillor expenses claim

Tower Hamlets blogger Ted Jeory has been threatened with legal action over a story about one of his local councillor’s taxi expenses.

Jeory refused to apologise after accusing the councillor of thinking it is okay to “steal from the taxpayer”.

The councillor claimed £140.89 expenses on a taxi journey between his town hall and Unison headquarters on Euston Road in central London.

After making the claims, Jeory received a letter from the councillor in which the story was described as“obviously potentially libellous”.

“I am in discussion with my lawyers and would like to offer you an opportunity to correct this claim in a prominent position on your blog,” wrote the councillor.

“I would also ask that you now aplogise [sic] for making this claim.”

Jeory’s story was followed up by his former local paper, the East London Advertiser, which was also “threatened” before publication.

“Very stupid,” said Jeory, when asked about the threat. “It’s the kind of intimidation tactic that Trotskyites used to indulge in.”

Sunday Express journalist Jeory told Press Gazette that since publishing the letter on his website he has not heard anything from the councillor.

Jeory’s website,, was earlier this year the first blog to be nominated for Private Eye’s Paul Foot Awards.



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