Kate Moss sues Big Pictures for breach of privacy

Supermodel Kate Moss is suing photographic agency Big Pictures for invasion of privacy over a series of pictures which she says were used by the agency to claim she was pregnant.

The supermodel mother of one has signed legal documents denying she is expecting her second child, despite photographs of her patting what appears to be the start of a baby bump.

Her rebuttal of allegations come in court documents in her privacy case against Big Pictures.

She is suing over pictures taken from outside a private house in Los Angeles where she was changing her clothes as part of a Cavalli fashion shoot.

One of the pictures shows her nude, standing side on, as another women helps take off a dress over her head.

The second shows her inside the house, wearing a dress which she is starting to unzip from behind.

Moss says the unpublished pictures invaded her privacy, misused her private information, and caused her distress and embarrassment.

She says the claim that she is pregnant is false, as well as private, and she has been embarrassed and distressed by needing to deal with calls about the matter.

Big Pictures had negotiated a contract with New! Magazine but later withdrew the shots from the magazine, a High Court writ says.

Moss says she did not know that the photographs were being taken, and did not agree to them being taken or published.

The writ was issued by solicitors Harbottle and Lewis.

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