Jewish Telegraph reveals Ed Miliband legal 'threat' over Richard Desmond's account of Hampstead Heath encounter

The Jewish Telegraph was warned about possible legal action by a spokesman for Ed Miliband over claims made by Express Newspapers chairman Richard Desmond in an interview.

The newspaper reported on its front page today that Miliband’s representative had been given a full transcript of the interview in which Desmond claimed Miliband made some remarks about Israel "during a chance encounter on London's Hampstead Heath”.

The Telegraph reported the spokesman as saying: "You should expect legal action and/or a complaint to the press watchdog if you go ahead with publication." They added: "You should be aware that we regard this account as highly defamatory."

The newspaper said that Desmond claimed the conversation had taken place between December and January with no witnesses.

The spokesman said it was an “untrue account of a chance meeting”.

The Telegraph has printed its interview with Desmond but the Miliband claims were not included.

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