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ITV News to broadcast reports by Haitian children

ITV News will next week broadcast the first in a series of reports filmed by Haitian children about the aftermath of January’s earthquake.

Six children from Leogane, the epicentre of the earthquake, have been encouraged to make films documenting their lives since the disaster struck and destroyed their hometown.

The first two instalments of the series “Filming Their Future” will be broadcast on ITV News with further reports from the children broadcast later in the year for ITV News programmes and online at

The reports are the result of a partnership between Save the Children and ITV News, whose cameraman Dave Harman helped train the children.

The films has been planned, recorded, produced and directed entirely by Jean (11), Derchine (13), Olwine (13), Manoushka (15), Sophia (16) and Nenel (17).

Emma Murphy, ITV News correspondent, said: “When Dave Harman and I were in Haiti for ITV News in the days after the quake we were anxious to show just what it had done to people’s lives.

“However when you are covering such a huge disaster the individual stories can be lost. This project lets you see what life is like in Haiti now. What makes it so special is the resilience and enthusiasm of the children.

“They are desperate to tell their stories their way so that no one can forget about Haiti.”