ITV News and NBC to share foreign correspondents

ITV News and the US network NBC have jointly appointed Rohit Kachroo to act as Africa correspondent for both broadcast organisations.

Kachroo, who is currently ITV News’ crime correspondent, is expected to take up his new post in Johannesburg later this month when the UK and US TV news services will start their joint operation.

In addition, ITV News Middle East reporter John Ray will also become a joint correspondent for NBC News.

Ray will be supported by NBC News’s production team in Israel to provide reports for both ITV News and its new US partner.

ITV News’ partnership with NBC comes after the UK broadcaster opened a new bureau in Dubai and shuffled its foreign correspondents, reducing its presence in Africa.

The UK broadcaster’s previous Africa correspondent Martin Geissler moved from Johannesburg in September to become ITV News’ Europe correspondent.

That move resulted in ITV closing its Johannesburg bureau. However, the broadcaster did retain production staff and a camera crew in the city.

‘We’re expanding our foreign operations at a time when many news organisations are retracting theirs, and we’re proud to do so hand-in-hand with America’s market leader,’said Jonathan Munro, deputy editor of ITV News.

‘Rohit is an excellent reporter who has proved himself on many home and international stories.

‘His first posting as a foreign correspondent will enable us to comprehensively cover Africa from Johannesburg as well as our hub in Dubai.”

Kachroo joined ITN – which produces the ITV’s national news – in 2007. He was appointed crime correspondent in September having formerly worked as a reporter in the Midlands.

Chris Hampson, NBC’s international news director, said: ‘In a world of cultural and political interdependency, it is vital that we deliver to our audience first-hand reporting from wherever news happens.

‘This partnership with award-winning ITV News expands our depth and reach into cultures, governments and events in parts of the world that are of critical importance to our viewers.”

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