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It's time to name Older Man, Katie

Much hilarity at Wapping over the identity of one of the “lads” featured in Katie Hind’s Playing the Field column in London Lite.

Coquettish Katie delights in sharing the details of her efforts to find love each week with readers of the Associated freesheet.

Various unnamed suitors have made an appearance. There’s Internet Boy, Islington Boy, American Football Boy, Cruise Boy (don’t ask), City Boy and Posh Boy (a fellow hack) to name a few.

But the hacks at News International believe they know the identity of one of Katie’s slightly more careworn lovers, known as Older Man.

Fingers are being pointed at an unmarried veteran at the News of the World with an eye for the ladies.

Some clues about Older Man lie in one of Katie’s columns a few months ago.

She wrote: “I saw Older Man again this week. To be honest, I wasn’t sure that I would see him in a romantic way again, but the offer of an evening round at his with a bottle of Bolly got the better of me.”

In another clue about the champers-loving rogue, Katie added: “While Older Man is 15 years my senior, and by his own admission, looks older than my dad (no, they haven’t met, but I showed Older Man a picture of my dad at my sister’s recent wedding), I like him.”

In fact, Older Man is such a “charmer”, that Katie even slipped into “her best undies” before meeting him and getting “romantic”.

Sounds like a great guy. Surely, it can’t be long before Katie confirms his identity to those outside Wapping?