Is MacIntyre keen to get Shott of new 'pal'? - Press Gazette

Is MacIntyre keen to get Shott of new 'pal'?

Luke Oakeshott, younger son of Matthew Oakeshott, who sits in the House of Lords on the Liberal Democrat benches, has just finished his degree at King’s College in London.

He has been telling friends he wants to be a journalist and is keen to work for the Indy as a gossip columnist. He has met Jamie MacIntyre, the new Indy night reporter on a few occasions and thinks Jamie will be his ticket into the paper.

However, Axegrinder hears Jamie has been keeping a “wide berth” from Luke and thinks it would be best if he just ‒ how can I say this nicely? ‒ goes away. You can’t say you haven’t been warned.



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