Investors Chronicle redesigns in bid to boost sales

Weekly finance magazine Investors Chronicle has had a revamp with new editorial content and a refreshed design with the aim of appealing to a wider audience.

The new look title, published by the FT Group, now offers more content on the ‘wider issues of investing’such as how to reduce taxes.

New content includes a ‘Seven Days’section which rounds up the financial talking points of the week and regular feature providing analysis of a reader’s portfolio.

The funds section has been expanded and a new section on trading has been added which includes ideas on how to use spread betting.

The magazine will continue to offer information, comment and analysis on UK quoted companies, from ‘FTSE 100 giants to AIM tiddlers’and columns such as Alistair Blair’s No Free Lunch will remain.

Editor Oliver Ralph said that in the current economic climate investors are facing ‘unprecedented’challenges which the magazine’s redesign hopes to cater for.

He said: ‘Not only do they have to cope with the impact that a recession will have on their investments, but they also have to navigate their way through an ever-expanding maze of financial products and jargon. So Investors Chronicle is changing to help investors to meet these challenges.

‘We’ll retain our focus on shares and the UK stock market, but we are expanding our coverage of funds, alternative assets and new trading products such as spread bets and covered warrants.

“And, most importantly, we’ll be explaining how they should all fit together to create an investment portfolio that can prosper in today’s stormy markets.”

Investors Chronicle was established in 1860, starting life as Money Market Review. Publishing drector Jonathan Church said that as the magazine approaches its 150th anniversary, it was time for a change.

‘The new format provides independent comment, analysis and advice for both inexperienced investors new to the market, and for more sophisticated investors who know what they are doing already,” he said.

Design changes include improved navigation, pointers to online content and ‘intelligent use’of colour photography and charts.

Design consultant Ingrid Shields, who was brought in to oversee the redesign, said the new design aims to highlight the different content areas in the magazine more effectively through colour coding, clearer labelling and a broader mix of layout styles.

‘It is now a more welcoming read for the novice investor while improving the look of the heavy weight content. The principle type is Meta Serif with Meta Condensed and Verlag for navigation,’she said.

Erica Morgan, head of design at Investors Chronicle, explained that the main objective of the redesign was to appeal to a wider audience with hope of improving newsstand sales and customer loyalty.

‘We identified the need to make the magazine a more enjoyable and engaging read with more access points appealing to investors with different levels of experience,’she said.

‘We also felt it was important to express the personality of the writers more confidently in the look and the language, and for this to reflect the authority and heritage of the brand.”

The magazine has a weekly paid for circulation of 31,919, which has been in decline since 2000 when it was more than double at 75,675.

The magazine’s rival, Money Week, over took it in the circulation battle in the August ABCs with a weekly circulation of 35,794

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