Intrepid Sun duo make Gillian Duffy an offer she can refuse

Andy McSmith writing in The Independent today has an entertaining account of the media scrum which camped outside ‘that bigoted woman’ Gillian Duffy’s house in Rochdale yesterday.

In its new role as the only newspaper free from proprietorial or party bias, the Independent looks askance at the 50-strong media pack which camped outside Duffy’s home yesterday.

McSmith reports that intrepid Sun journalists reporter Richard Moriarty and photographer Jimmy Clark managed to sneak around to her back door and make her an offer for her story but that she wasn’t interested.

McSmith speculates that they would have offered her £25,000 to slate Gordon Brown but they she didn’t want to play ball.

Max Clifford has suggested that she could make £250,000 from selling her story if she really wanted to. But then he always does say that.

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