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Independent TV launches as title reports revenue up 23% year on year

The Independent has launched a dedicated online channel for its video output as it revealed positive financial results.

The publisher said its revenue was up 23% year on year in the final quarter of this year.

It has recruited one additional staffer for Independent TV, but more hires are expected in 2021.

Press Gazette understands that is seen as the most important channel commercially for the title’s video output followed by Facebook, Youtube and then Twitter.

Video is a key part of the title’s strategy to increase its volume of “known” readers who have registered to receive newsletters and other services. Readers who share their data are easier to monetise than anonymous ones.

Independent TV will leverage existing correspondents to provide content working with the multimedia team.

The title now claims 95m video views per month on its website alone.

In a press release The Independent said: “Over the next 12 months, Independent TV will continue to build out its offering, bringing its viewers
an ongoing schedule, enabling them to experience the stories that matter at any time, from any place, and to see the news for themselves, including live events.

“This next phase will also include new functionality. The Independent is launching a number of initiatives and new businesses that combine outstanding journalism, aggressive revenue growth, industry-leading innovation, enriched company value and enhanced global influence, led by Christian Broughton, managing director and former editor, who
changed roles in October.

“These offerings, such as Independent TV, will further secure The
Independent’s future as a truly global and successful news organisation.”

The Independent furloughed staff and cut pay when the pandemic first hit earlier this year.

But in November Press Gazette reported on how the title was expanding into the US, China and India.

Managing director Christian Broughton said: “ This is just the beginning of the next phase of our multimedia offering, and will strengthen a successful financial future for The Independent.”

CEO Zach Leonard said: “Independent TV delivers on our already-influential reach through high-yielding, targeted video, to serve global audiences through six languages and digital distribution
channels. Brands and agencies will be able to extend their marketing campaigns with efficiency, confidence and results, through Independent TV.”



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Author: Dominic Ponsford

Dominic Ponsford is the editor of Press Gazette