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I am the greatest interviewer on British television: Piers Morgan

Former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan said Sir David Frost was by far the greatest interviewer of all time. 

Speaking to the Radio Times, Morgan said: “If you look at the early stuff. He took lots of people apart. Frost on the rampage was an incredible spectacle on television – he was a firecracker interviewer. And the Nixon thing was an incredible tour de force because it showed all his qualities."

The former newspaper man has a show on ITV in Britain, Life Stories, where he regularly reduces his guests to tears, as well as a more serious CNN show.

He said: "Rod Stewart is never going to cry in an interview with me in a million years even though he's been through stuff that's very hurtful to him. Simon Cowell teared up and that's because I knew where to go where I thought we might get a surprising emotion… different to the normal, self-confident guy."

The 48-year-old presenter said he thinks he is now the best interviewer on television. ”I don't think that my so-called rivals do what I do.

"I'm the only person who sits down with people on TV for two or three hours to truncate to a one-hour show. So I think I'm almost in a category of my own.

”I can't compete with Graham Norton for the comedy he brings and I think he's got a terrific show. Or Jonathan Ross. Or Alan Carr. They're all entertainers and comedians, really.

"They're not any of them particularly great interviewers. I don't think they profess to be. Parky could do both."

In a barbed comment claiming Parkinson would like to be the next Piers Morgan, the controversial journalist added:  "I like Parky but he doesn't think anyone else could ever come anywhere close to being as good as him."



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