How UK newspapers marked 'Brexit Day': A 'new dawn' for a 'small island'

How UK newspapers marked 'Brexit Day': A 'new dawn' for a 'small island'

The Daily Mirror was the only UK national newspaper not to splash on Britain’s departure from the European Union today.

At 11pm today, dubbed “Brexit Day” by many of the papers, Britain will become the first country to leave the EU, more than three-and-a-half years since the country narrowly voted to do so in June 2016.

Brexit-supporting newspapers including the Daily Telegraph and Daily Express published special pull-outs to celebrate the landmark, with the latter declaring: “Yes, we did it!”

The Telegraph, where Prime Minister Boris Johnson once worked as a Brussels correspondent, used its supplement to chart its own history with Brexit and its stories along the way to Britain’s exit.

The Sun offered readers a free Brexit poster and the Daily Mail dedicated the first ten pages of today’s edition to the topic.

The Times marked the event with a wraparound showing Big Ben on the front and a timeline of Britain’s relationship with the EU on the back page.

But anti-Brexit the Guardian declared Britain was becoming a “small island” while the Mirror splashed instead on the coronavirus outbreak as Brits face quarantine on return from China, with a Brexit Day teaser.

The Daily Star also set itself apart by riffing on a “truly historic moment” – the end of abstinence from alcohol for millions as Dry January ends.

Scottish newspapers expressed their dismay at Brexit, with more people in Scotland having voted to Remain.

Many European newspapers used their front pages today to bid farewell to the UK.



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3 thoughts on “How UK newspapers marked 'Brexit Day': A 'new dawn' for a 'small island'”

  1. Is Archants New European paper still a thing?
    I know it’s chief reporter moved on to dabble with opening web sites on other peoples territories using Google’s funding and passed the chalice to someone else and as I never see a copy or hear anyone mention it I assume, post election it was shelved?
    Probably costs more to produce than it makes so I can see the reasoning if so

  2. “Roving Eye”

    No it’s still going, just!,as unpopular within the company as it appears to be without going by what little information we can find out about it.
    The editor or “ ex Mirror night editor” as he was labelled in the piece, was quoted on PG on Friday attempting to talk it up in order to find an audience now we are officially out of the EU and despite this remainer campaigner now being all but obsolete.
    It’s had its day, time to focus on the many real issues affecting the company not least the state of the EDPs pitiful copy sales, it’s online content and the inability of whoever’s running ad sales these days to monetise digital news.

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