How to pitch to: Extra

Pitch to: Me at g.adams@independent.co.uk

Type of articles: Either potential cover stories – that’ll be 2,500-4,000 words of honed, original, brilliant prose, on a subject that will make [editor] Simon Kelner pat me on the back when its unveiled in morning conference (that’s the idea, at least) – or shorter pieces (up to 1,600 words) for any of our specialist sections – Health, Green, Science and Tech.

Topics: For the cover story, nothing is out of bounds – though it’s usually vaguely related to the news agenda of the day, or captures some sort of zeitgeist. Pieces for specialist pages should, obviously, be vaguely related to those (admittedly broad) topics.

How to pitch: Email a brief run-through of the idea. If you’re new to us, attach examples of published work.

Post pitch: If I haven’t got back to you after a couple of days, try a follow-up email, or phone call.

What will impress: Originality and wit.

What won’t impress: Spelling mustakes! Pitches from people who have clearly never read the Extra section. Lazy pitches using annual events to recycle old ideas. This week I’ve had a dozen proposals related to Valentine’s day, and another half dozen about International Women’s Day. Last week it was Holocaust Memorial Day. You get the picture.

Rate: We can pay competitively for the right piece.

Images: Depends on the story… But as a general rule, no.

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