Heinadg helnadg heuladg…production balls-up of the day

Another exhibit for Axegrinder’s dark museum of production howlers – this time from Northcliffe’s ThisisGloucestershire website. It’s got the lot: dummy headline copy, pic up the wrong way round and mistakes-a-plenty in the caption.

Sadly, this has been a year of regional press production cock-ups. And it can be no coincidence that it has also been the year of sub-editor redundancies and the creation of remote subbing factories – particularly at Northcliffe.

Here is the link to the story, which hopefully will be fixed soon (writing at 12.50pm).

Among several comments are Kath from Cheltenham writing at 8.57am: “TiG, This is the second time in less than a week that you have shown a nonsensical headline like the one above. When your last proof reader left did he turn the lights out??

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