Guido Fawkes founder behind campaign backing Boris Johnson's Tory leadership bid

The founder of political blog Guido Fawkes is behind a campaign backing Boris Johnson’s bid for the Conservative Party leadership, it has been revealed.

The website warns the public that “Remain MPs are plotting to keep Boris off your ballot” and urges them to tell their MP that Tory members “must not be denied a real choice” using an email form.

The website’s privacy policy section reveals that the campaign pushing for “Boris on the ballot” for Tory members is run by CampaignAction Ltd.

The website

Files held by the Information Commissioner’s Office show that Guido boss Paul Staines is the data protection officer for CampaignAction Ltd.

CampaignAction registered with the ICO on 22 May and has an Irish address. Staines himself lives in Ireland.

Speaking to Buzzfeed News, which first reported the story, Staines said he was running the Boris Johnson campaign “off my own bat”, adding it was “no secret” that he backed the pro-Brexit MP and former Mayor of London.

He told Press Gazette: “I backed Boris in 2007, 2008, 2012, 2016 and no surprise, I am backing him again in 2019.”

Picture: Reuters/Simon Dawson



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1 thought on “Guido Fawkes founder behind campaign backing Boris Johnson's Tory leadership bid”

  1. Rather misleading title, infers they are behind the campaign as opposed to a campaign, only corrected in the body of the article. Click bait style has never appealed.

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