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GQ finds out that hell hath no fury like a One Direction fan scorned

When GQ decided to make popular beat combo One Direction its September cover stars, the magazine could have been forgiven for thinking it would attract a slightly different readership.

But when GQ sent out teasers for the issue earlier this week, featuring a different cover shot for each of the five band members, it didn’t expect the tidal wave of capital letters and creative cursing that came its way.

Although the full interviews won’t be seen until the mag hits the shops tomorrow, One Direction’s loyal band of fans weren’t enamoured with some of the cover lines used.

The, for want of a better word, ‘dedicated’ 1D followers took particular exception to the cover featuring modern-day Casanova Harry Styles, which featured the line: “He’s up all night to get lucky”.

Styles’ legion of fans took to Twitter, seemingly using computers on which the ‘caps lock’ key has become glued in the on position, to defend the honour of a man who, if the papers are to believed, has squired more young ladies than Uncle Axegrinder has had writs.

The good sports at GQ, in their infinite class, have been good-natured enough to publish the more colourful responses.

Axegrinder has a strong stomach, but those of a more delicate disposition may want to turn away now as we reveal an edited selection of some of this imaginative feedback. However, for the sake of any subs out there, we’ve removed the ubiquitous FULL CAPS. Some things are just beyond the pale.

“GQ magazine can go fuck themselves with a chainsaw up their asshole till it mutilates their insides,” wrote the charming @michaellaneous.

@indeedniall decided to direct his righteous outrage to the editor, threatening to “take your testicles and pound them with a hammer”.

In a possibly rhetorical turn of phrase, @LouisM1serables posed an interesting questio: “Do you realize how many people want to castrate the people who work for this shitty magazine?”

While @crinklysmiles probably summed the situation up best: “I’ll fuck you up GQ, I swear you’ve messed with the wrong people.”

By now, staff at the magazine probably feel that might be true.

After all, you never used to got this with those nice Take That boys, did you? 



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