Gossip site bans pap pics

UK gossip site Holy Moly, which prides itself on bringing its readers the stories the tabloids dare not print, has banned intrusive paparazzi pictures.

In an announcement on the site, its creator who prefers to remain anonymous said that “a definite change in the perception of paparazzi pictures” had occurred in the past few weeks and that Holy Moly readers had questioned its use of photos of stars like Britney Spears, who was “a mentally ill woman”.

The site will not use photographs of celebrities with their children, or taken when they are pursued on bike or by car, pictures of people in distress at being photographed and stars who were “off duty”. Celebrities touting for a photo op remain fair game.

Update 13/2: The Independent reports on Holy Moly’s decision and notes that Holy Moly claims “about one million people a month in addition to 180,000 regular subscribers”.

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