'Gosh! My head is spinning': Nick Clegg questioned by Channel 4's Cathy Newman

It doesn’t take much to fluster poor old Nick Clegg. The deputy prime minister’s head was apparently “spinning” earlier today after a journalist phoned into his LBC radio programme to ask a question.

“Cathy from Dulwich” turned out to be Cathy Newman from Channel 4 News – asking Clegg about the resignation of Lord Rennard.

She said: “It’s Cathy from Channel 4 News – what you might call a self-appointed detective.

“I just wanted to clear up really. At the weekend you said that Lord Rennard quit on health grounds. Now what you’ve just been saying to Nick earlier on the programme you seem to be accepting that his behaviour was part of the reason he went – is that right?”

Before answering the question (“he left on health grounds but of course the issues of his inappropriate behaviour were in the background – of course they were”) Clegg had a mini meltdown.

“LBC, Channel 4, gosh! My head is spinning with the number of media outlets involved now.”

According to Reuters, Newman had approached Clegg prior to his show (picture) and also asked him on air for an interview with Channel 4.


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