Google rules Mail Online story about paedophile who abducted and murdered 11-year-old has 'right to be forgotten'

Google has judged that a story about a paedophile who abducted and murdered an 11-year-old girl has the ‘right to be forgotten’.

The Mail Online story about Ronald Castree from November 2007 is the latest to be affected the ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling and the story will now be hidden under certain Google search terms.

The website also reports that another story about a man, Hugh Wilson, who was killed in an air crash in 2009 has been given the ‘right to be forgotten’.

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Google informs publishers when stories have been affected but does not say who has requested the web pages are hidden. The first story is not hidden under the search term "Ronald Castree".

Mail Online has now reported on 15 stories being hidden by Google following ‘right to be forgotten’ rulings.

Overall, more than 80 stories have been affected across the BBC and national press websites. This does not include the Mirror and Express Newspapers websites.

According to the Mail, book dealer and married father of one Castree, from Oldham, abducted the girl form a street near her home in Rochdale as she went to buy bread for her mother in October 1975.  He was said to have been on the way to visit his wife and her new baby in hospital.

It said that Castree killed the girl "in a frenzied attack…before leaving her body on a lonely moor in West Yorkshire. He then kept quiet when an innocent man, Stefan Kiszko, was tried, convicted, sentenced and served 16 years for a crime he did not commit.

“The real killer was only captured in 2006 when a DNA sample Castree had given in relation to an attack on a prostitute in 2005 was found to be an exact match for sperm found on Lesley's underwear.

“In 2007, he was found guilty of murder and told he would not be considered for parole until 2037, by which time he will be 84.”




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